Amazon Carding Method – Complete Tutorial for Beginners 2024

Amazon carding method

Carding business one of the most money making business ever, not everyone can run this, only smart people can do this, well today i will teach you amazon carding method, maybe you can be next upcoming pro carder, if you read this properly.

I will teach you just like a teacher, but if you don’t invest your mind on it, you will just loss your time, you can’t be an expert until you put your mind on it.

Requirements tools for amazon carding :

Amazon carding only success with Fresh BIN and Fullz cc, you can buy cc from our shop, then you can start the process. Wait! Some Carding tools required, here i have been added them

  1. Cc fullz – buy from here 
  2. Old Amazon Account
  3. Shock5/ VPN
  4. RDP and CC Cleaner

First of all, just buy all the tools from our shop, use only old amazon account, if you don’t have old account, you can always buy from our shop or you can also use new account but only afrer few small orders.

I know it’s not safe to use your old amazon account in carding, but in this method i will show you how to convert your new account to an old account and then you can use it for carding without any issue in future.

How to Do Carding on Amazon Full Guide Steps

If you get all the tools, you can start now by following below procedure, don’t skip a single step otherwise you will not understand properly. Amazon carding isn’t as easy as you think, there are a lot of security you have to bypass, otherwise the account will be block.

1. Buy cc fullz from our shop

There are many cc shop available in darknet, but finding a trusted cvv vendor is really taft as lot’s of scammer available, however, if you know any Cc shop you can buy from there otherwise you can always order a cc from our shop. (click here to buy USA Non VBV CC

2. Create a Fake Mail Address with cc owner name

You will have to create a Mail ID with the same name as cc owner name, like if cc owner name is John Steven, the mail address must be looks like [email protected] (Use gmail instead of other mail address as it will avoid being suspicious)

3. Get a Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone number will help you to verify your account through OTP (One time password), you can get virtual number from many apps such as TextMeup, 2ndline number and so on, but you have to subscribe in order to get virtual number

Don’t worry, all the apps offering free trial for few days so you will not be charged on till free period end, so before the end of trial just cancel the subscription and you will not be charged any amount. (don’t use online SMS numbers) they all listed as spam in amazon security.

4. Connect Shocks5 with Cc owner Location

Shocks5 is the best option to become anonymous completely, and make your location similar to cc owner location by just connecting Shocks5 IP. Don’t use shocks4 it is not as good as shocks5

5. Open and create an account with cc owner name

After connecting Shocks5, open chrome browser and browse, signup for a new account with cc owner name use the Mail ID and virtual phone number. Just like this screenshot

6. Place some small amount orders

Next, make some small orders within $2-10$ with any other payment mode (You can use Gift card or POD whatever you wish.)

After order wait for shipping, (Making amall orders will convert your new account to an old account)

7. Add cardable product in shopping cart area

Once your small orders shipped, then login back and find the product which you want to buy and just click on add to cart option.

8. Add cc details and place the order

After adding in cart option, wait 2-3 hours and login back your account, go to cart area and click on buy now option

Now select Credit & debit card payment mode > Enter cc fullz details carefully, and recheck all the details before making the payment.

Note: on billing address you have to add cc owner address and on the shipping address enter your address, and finally place the order.

Congratulations! You have successfully card your first order on amazon, now wait for the delivery, after deliver close the account for safety reasons.

You may encounter some problems if you did amazon carding without following above procedure.

Here is the most common issue you may face after amazon products carding –

  • Account on Hold
  • Payment not released by bank
  • Chargeback issued by cc holder
  • Account block

If you face any issue, it means you haven’t done process properly or maybe the cc you are using it’s already linked with another amazon account.

Don’t worry, you can buy cc from our shop to avoid any such issues, you will also get support from us if you face any such issue.

Last Words:

Amazon carding one of the most successful carding method ever, more than 99% people can do it easily, if you use your mind smartly, you can make 2000$ to 10000$ weekly. Yes! I am not joking BTW. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask.

You can also buy gift amazon gift cards through carding, but is has another method you can refer my old article Amazon Gift Card Carding method


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